"Sunset Stallion
Sept 4th, 2010
Light Travertine Horse inset into Ebony
Tumbled Marble background with a Travertine
Sunset w/frame to mount $750 or $ 550 to make
another to set into your floor, pool, etc..

 2' x 3'
The 1st draft of "Sunset Stallion"
8 1/2" by 11 1/2 inches
 This is a hand crafted Granite and oxyx  Mounted, grouted and framed.$1200   

      Each is unique and special with a hand chosen array of natural stone tile.
                   I need about 30 days lead time to complete yours
                        Less if it is for a floor and will not be framed  $ 900        10-21-2010

       For Sale $ 1200
Bust from 12" travertine
Inset into Noce tumbled marble
$ 100