Texas Longhorns
Stove Backsplash
This is a 30" wide piece made for a
sample board to go into a retail store.
The Longhorn is in one piece cut from
an 18" Ivory Travertine tile.
Inset into Noce Tumbled Marble. The
border is hand beveled 3/4" travertine
cut from leftovers but any number of
ropes or other borders are available to
you at most any tile store.
Without the handhold this also makes a
great wall hanging. I also mount a
bracket on this design for a nice wall
Flooring  Longhorn
$ 225.00
$ 30.00 Shipping
Classic entry/exit Longhorn at 36"
Made from 18" tile bought at the local Home Depot
this customer made great color choices.
                                  Design Decisions
36" Longhorn to be inset into                               36" Longhorn to be inset
a 4 ft design to accomodate                                 into open area of Foyer,
centering for an entry door                                    Porch, etc.
Note: Manufactuing processes on larger tile will usually result in Longhorns needing to spread tip to tip from edge to edge
If you have
Questions or
40" Texas Longhorn in Porcelain
$ 262.50
$ 30 Shipping
Wall Hanging  23"
$ 75
$ 10 shipping

Hand made from the tile you choose.

This one is made from 16" Rosa
Scabas Travertine. Tile cost $ 12
Tile Pricing when I supply tile
It means you get a product made for you from
your                                  tile or stone.
Either you send the tile or I can provide the phone #'s
to my local
Lowe's or Home Depot and you can
purchase direct, even special order and I will pick up.
As a Vendor I get a great price from ProSource
Floors, Inc. to buy from
Dal-tile, Marazzi, Emser, etc.
and can provide my local store contact for you to
purchase from them.
Click the Pay Pal Button below after we agree on an
amount and price of the tile or stone.
Longhorn Sizes
Head/background colors?
Grout size
Sold w/Border $ 175
or w/out border $ 150
plus shipping
Clay's Smoke House
   Dublin, Tx
2 doors down from Dr. Pepper plant
This Texas Longhorn went to  New York
24" Texas Longhorn
            March 2014