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Texas State Star
Texas Flag Star
Great decorative focal points in flooring, porches, entry's, kitchen backsplashes, pools, outdoor
kitchens, wall hangings, showers, table tops, tub surrounds, just to cover a few design ideas.
Handmade medallions and inserts made in travertine, marble, tumbled marble, ceramic tile,
porcelain, and  granite.
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This is a 12 x 18 Subway Flag Star
        $ 70.00
         Texas State Star
     with a White center
    sold out
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Texas State Star
This is a 16 x 16 Chiseled Edge Travertine from
with a Chocolate center

sold out
This is what they look like installed
12 x 18

        12 x 12 flag Star
          No Border

$ 60.00
   16 x 16 Flag Star

sold with out border

$ 140.00
This item temporarily out of stock